Rendy Launches 3D Omnichannel Platform

Rendy recently announced the launch of its 3D omnichannel platform, which will make the seamless creation, management and delivery of interactive web 3D and augmented reality experiences accessible for manufacturers and retailers. Companies like Furniture of America are teaming up with Rendy to connect their fully interactive 3D catalogs via Rendy’s 3D web viewer and augmented reality application.

The Rendy platform lets furniture retailers and manufacturers take advantage of the innovative technology that larger online retailers are using to increase conversion and reduce returns — at a fraction of the cost. All they need to do to connect with Rendy’s interactive 3D web viewer is add one line of code to their websites, and in just one day they can start engaging users with fully interactive and customizable 3D catalogs.

Retail giants such as Amazon and Wayfair have been paving the way for a 3D future in retail. They have consistently invested in new 3D technologies to increase product engagement and conversion in an online retail sales environment that is increasing by 16.7 percent year-over-year. With the ever-increasing price of tech development, it’s almost impossible for some retailers to afford to create innovative brand experiences and compete in this market.

With their automated content creation platform, Rendy is able to offer high-quality 3D product development at half the price and in half the time compared to other visualization companies. The platform connects manufacturer’s 3D catalogs with all web and mobile platforms with no plug-ins required.

In just one day, retailers can seamlessly integrate innovative tech into their existing websites for fully interactive 3D experiences and start marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat with interactive 3D content. Rendy has also developed a 3D cloud-rendering system which creates photo-realistic renderings for manufacturers looking to cut down on photo studio costs.

“There is a need for brands to provide engaging product experiences online. Our goal has been to create a platform that gives a consistent 3D shopping experience at every touchpoint. Whether it be in-store, web, mobile or social media advertising, we’re helping retailers start competing on a whole other level,” said Rendy CEO Israel Medina.

“With our new technology, users can fully interact with the product, giving more flexibility than typical 360-degree spins, and view each design in an infinite array of fabric options.”

About Rendy: Rendy is a 3D omnichannel platform on a mission to help retailers go beyond product visualization to provide fully interactive 3D experiences for web and mobile devices. The platform is used by retailers to increase conversion, engage customers and reduce returns. From Interactive 3D Web Viewer to Augmented & Virtual Reality, 3D Product configurators, 3D Ads and more, the 3D omnichannel platform empowers retailers and manufacturers to provide consumers with immersive experiences before they buy. Clients include Furniture of America, WeWork and


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